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'JJ' Jerry Young | Little Miss Kyriè | Country | Kyriè Sierra Davenport

A proud uncle writes a little lyric for his Niece

"On December 30, 1992, my Daughter, Kyriè was born. (Yeah, thanks for the sympathy) Jerry Young, one of my brother-in-laws, wrote, for some strange reason, a little lyric titled “Little Miss Kyriè.”

To make a long story, nine years to be exact, short, I will just say that I was fiddling with the guitar (technically you would fiddle a fiddle and strum a guitar, but I did not want to write that because it would have been too long, and I am trying to make a long story short, so that would have been silly of me to write something long instead of short… Hmm.)

I was strumming the guitar when I came across this chord progression; it sounded a bit country to me and I liked it. I quickly threw together an arrangement; halfway through this process, I remembered Jerry‘s, “Little Miss Kyriè,” after nine years and found them buried with all of my other lyrics that I would like to finish, one day.

Guess what? The lyrics fit; almost like they were meant for it. I did have to rearrange some verses and add some lines to the chorus, after I asked Jerry if he wanted to do it or was it OK for me to.

It is a fun, danceable, sing-a-long, and happy tune. I am not sure if Jerry liked it or not, because it took him a month to get over hear and listen to it before I finished it, but I know Kyriè likes it!!"

Little Miss Kyriè © 2001 Jerry Young & Gerry Davenport

Jerry Young: Lyrics (1993)
Gerry Davenport: Music & added Lyrics (12/2000 and 5/25/2001)

I asked you to be my wife,
because I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, miss Kyriè.

You turned me down. Said I‘m a clown,
and that you didn‘t want me around to give you what you need, miss Kyriè.

You broke my heart then you rode away.
On that tall white horse you did the other day.
A dozen things that I wanted to say,
won‘t you give me your love?
Little miss Kyriè.

I’m Begging you on bended knees.
Oh please, please won‘t you marry me and be my wife, miss Kyriè

So you rode off into the dawn.
Now I know that youÂ’re really gone.
Will I ever see you again?
Oh will I ever see you again, miss Kyriè?

This is essentially a demo track; however, the things that I will change are:
   1. Better recording
   2. More guitars
   3. Add Lead guitar
   4. No backing vocals?