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Freemont Experience in Las Vegas a band plays live to a crown dancing.
Freemont Experience, Bands Play Live in Vegas

Bands play live in Vegas

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  • by Gerald Martin Davenport
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21st Birthday Party, New Year, and Family Holiday

It was a wild week, plus a few days, while my wife and I packed up the 23-year-old son, 20-year-old daughter, and headed down to Southern California for a family holiday and birthday celebration between December 26, 2013, and January 3, 2014.

New Music to Listen too

This was a great time to share our new music with each other because we have not had time too since Aria is at Kansas State doing an Aviation Degree, and Kyriè is at Longwood in Virginia going for a Psychology Degree.

I got to listen to Falling in Reverse, A Day to Remember, and Bullet for my Valentine. I am looking to add them to my music library — I have quite a diverse liking in music since I listen to Barry Manilow as well.

Las Vegas on the horizon

We Headed off to Las Vegas to celebrate Kyriè’s 21st birthday. It all began by walking from the Excalibur to Margaritaville — a place I adore — dinner, drinks (no, she still had 5 hours left until she was 21), and family. 10 pm kicked off a live band that I got to hear two songs, then everyone wanted to leave, because we were right on the dance floor, but they sounded REALLY good — I did not want to leave, I had food, drinks, shots, and great music, what more can anyone ask for? But we left anyway.

Going through several other casino’s there were live bands playing in corner stages, in special rooms, and right out in the open — absolutely amazing. We, however, ended up in a nightclub at the Aria Resort just before midnight and danced and drank to a DJ mixing up the sounds.

She turned 21, had her first drink, and the rest of the night shall remain a mystery, but the following day, and evening, we made our way around the town again, on foot, and ended up at the Freemont Street Experience in time to hear a Rocking cover band that actually sounded better than the real thing.

Live bands are still rocking the country

I am so excited to have seen and heard live bands, Rock and Roll bands, music you can actually dance and SING to, get their time to shine, and the crowds loved them.

If you are in a band, thinking of starting one, or left one because you did not think it was worth it, well it is, and plenty of venues to play, if’n you are well rehearsed and strong enough to handle the travel and long nights.

Majority of the bands I heard were cover bands but does not mean you cannot add an original in now and then, if you have the spotlight on you, just be good, no, AWESOME in everything you do.

Remember: Turn your headlights on for safety.