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Gerald Martin Davenport's Portfolio of Original Music

Collaborating with Tim Wilson, Geoffrey Hamilton, JJ (Jerry) Young, and his son Aria Leven Davenport

Growing up in the late '60s and through the '70s, my parents Eric Carl and Patricia Ann Davenport, their friends, and my family introduced me to a variety of styles, genres, and eras of music. I liked songs that had a great beat, great lyrics and meaning, unusual melodies, perfect harmonies, and rhythms outside the norm — I enjoyed the music that challenged my ear and emotions. All styles and genres of music composing and performing.

They influenced my writing as I tried to emulate their styles but add my own twist to it. Early on, I was not successful at it, but as I met and jammed with others, my writing started to improve and become more defined — although I still wrote many styles from the soft piano to the heavy guitar and drums and everything in between.

Jamming was an integral part of my maturity as an artist, songwriter, performer, and person; it was not always lucrative, successful, or fun. Band members are like a family, and there are times you do not agree. I had no time for those types of relationships. I was able to bend and give way, but when I realized others just took and never gave back, I went on my own and began my own recordings and songwriting.

There are times you can do, and want to do, everything by yourself, but then there are times that you want to have help from others that bring their talents to the table, and together we create beautiful things. I have had the pleasure and honor to collaborate with Tim Wilson, Geoffrey Hamilton, JJ (Jerry) Young, and my son Aria Leven Davenport with the musical talents of Edward Goforth on Guitar.