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Stepping Out · Wrap Me Up In Shadows · Here and There · Tim Wilson Collaboration

A teacher and student friendship

I met Tim Wilson, a TV Production, Math, English, and Yearbook teacher, in 1979.  I took everything but english and math from him, but honestly, he taught everything all the time.

For three years we were close. We learn each others likes and dislikes, and knew each other on a personal basis as well. That in itself would prove vital for me to graduate with passing grades. I came through two divorces at that time — my own parents — and my Uncle and his wife, the family that I lived with while attending Nevada Union High School in Northern California. It was a struggle for me; thinking it was my fault that both divorces happened, I turned to school, Tim Wilson, music, and a redhead…

Tim has been there supporting me in any way that he could.  He is an accomplished lyricist and writer — yes, he amazes me at his written word, just like another person I have collaborated with, and I am proud to be apart of his creative world.

Here and There © 2000 Tim Wilson & Gerry Davenport

"After Tim Wilson‘s retirement from teaching, he came to me and asked me to look over his lyrics called “Here and There.” As always, I was impressed by his talents as a lyricist. Though the lyrics needed some rearranging, the ideas and images were there.

After I spent several, to be exact, two months doing other things, I finally looked at “Here and There” again. Well musically nothing came to me real quick, so I put it on the back burner, but I would work with it once in a while.

One evening while I was strumming the guitar, I came across a progression of chords and a melody that I was not able to forget after a week. I then fined tuned it and was ready to commit the lyrics I had, at the time, to paper; when “Here and There” fell onto the floor. I picked it up and read over it, somehow singing it to the melody that I had. I did a complete turn around with everything that I was planning to do. I took Tim‘s lyrics to “Here and There” and I rearranged them in a story form that fit well to all the musical timing, rhythm, and phrasing.

I began to record the instruments; I had a medium production planned for this one: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Stringed types, and others; when I accidentally hit a few buttons, which left the piano and the mellow pad playing with the vocal. I knew that was the way it should be."
- gerald

Tim Wilson: Lyrics (1999)
Gerry Davenport: Music & Lyrical Arrangement (2000)

Stepping Out © 1985 & 1990 Gerry Davenport & Tim Wilson

"In 1982, when I was a Junior in high school, Tim Wilson asked me to put music to his lyrics or his song as he put it, titled, “Stepping Out.”

When I first looked at the lyrics I pondered what kind of music he may want. I asked him and he said, “What ever you think.” Knowing what styles of music he likes, or at least I thought I knew what styles he likes I went ahead and worked on it. It took me six years and twelve different arrangements before I was happy with it.

Of the twelve different arrangements, I can remember two that I thought would be the final arrangements of the song. The first one was a slow, building ballad that sounded similar to. “Let it be” by the Beatles; which is why I decided to scrap it.

The second one I can remember had a running base line underneath a rhythmical percussion section. I like the music so that I rewrote new lyrics for it; it was not the music for stepping out even though this one was the arrangement for about 4 years.

I finally got tired of it and did a major rewrite that lasted about 18 months, in which the song was dissected into millions of pieces and slowly assemble back together; this has been the case with most of my older material."

Tim Wilson: Lyrics
Gerry Davenport: Music and Lyrical arrangement

Wrap Me Up In Shadows © 2003 Tim Wilson & Gerry Davenport

Tim Wilson, a fabulous, creative, and imaginative person, has come to me since 1982 to put music to his lyrics. Well when he came to me in 2003 to show me his new creation, it was a different but refreshing way we wrote it. Tim had the lyrics and the melody already which he sang to me; I just figured out chords and rythym would fit together.
- gerry July 30, 2005

Tim Wilson: Lyrics & Melody
Gerry Davenport: Musical Arrangement

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